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Free jewelry contest

All you have to do is get onto my new mailing list.  3 people will be chosen at random for free beadwoven rings.  That's it - just subscribe.

I don't play dirty email tricks, and you can unsub any time.

the ring you get if you win will be something like this:

sign up here:


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Ok. Dov Charney of American Apparel is a sleaze bomb.  I grok that.

Whipping it out for reporters, referring to people as "sluts" in the office, running around in his skivvies, he is not exactly someone I want to work for.

However all the little crafty girls now screaming "should we boycott?" -- that's really on my nerves.

American Apparel also pays 15 and bennies to people in LA to make T shirts.  That's a main selling point.  Gross CK like ads aside.

I personally feel that the opportunity for a woman to get 15 and bennies instead of standing at a machine 18 a day and being forced to take a depo shot AND have to blow her boss for 8 bucks a week outweighs the plight of 3 women who allegedly feel uncomfortable and go home to a nice loft.

Yeah sue Charney, make him pay out of his own piggybank.  Yes he's anti union.  How many heads of major corporations are union friendly?  We can scream hypocricy but how many people bother to be inconsitent? How many people have been bullied, leched on, harrassed,  grossed out and exploited while working for corporations and quietly decided to move on *raises hand.*

 AA as a company? Boycott?  Please.
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Vertical Netting

I've been playing with this stitch and I can't believe I haven't played with it more -- really fun.

Lots of things have been taking up my time.  I had a really interesting business opportunity/proposition but I realized after thinking about it that it wasn't a deal which would be workable for me, so that was somewhat disappointing, but I imagine these things happen for a reason.  

I'm building a blog for the bead-a-long, just something quick and dirty. Some people already seem to be into the idea, hopefully it will gain some momentum.

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I am instigating a bead-a-long for August. 

Here's what I'd like to see. 

Make an amulet bag, under 3x3 inches (the size of a 3m post-it.)

email me to say "I'm in"

email me the image, or get it to me in some fashion before August 31.


promote it! use this button:

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